Miami Bay Tours




  1. 1)"Miami Bay Tours" is an independent provider of Bay tours, dive trips and SCUBA instructions in and around the Miami-Dade county area. "Miami Bay Tours" is not affiliated with any other sailing or charter provider other then advertising and promotional purposes.


  1. 1)“Miami Bay Tours” requires a 50% deposit for ALL CHARTERS and a $400 deposit on ALL dive equipment rentals.


  1. 1)“Miami Bay Tours” has the right to cancel any charter at anytime at the captains discretion.  A 48 hour notification is required if you the “customer” cancel. All deposits will be refunded if cancellation is completed 48hrs PRIOR to charter departure. Any Cancellation must be done by email notification to or by texting our “contact us” number. If the cancellation is completed WITHIN 48hrs of charter departure, the deposit will be retained by “Miami Bay Tours”.


  1. 1)Refreshments are included on all tours. Any special requests need to be made in advance and may require additional fees.  Meals and alcoholic drinks are not provided by “Miami Bay Tours” and/or “Mike’s Sailing Charters”.

  2. 2)Any diving or snorkeling gear is not provided in cost of any charter.

  3. 3)“Miami Bay Tours,Two Tank Dive and BBQ” tour includes hamburgers, hotdogs and chips as well as an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks and water. Any special requests on BBQ items may be changed upon booking at an addition cost. 



  1. 1)Unless a severe weather system is coming through the area, rain will not be an acceptable reason to cancel a charter.  Isolated or scattered showers or storms is normal throughout South Florida.   Usually they last no more than 15 minutes and are localized... not necessarily on our sailing route.  If we should get some rain, the boat has a salon where you can remain dry and comfortable until it passes.  Weather Cancellations is the Captains' Decision


  1. 1)Hours listed on all charters/tours include travel time to and from dock or departure site.  If you request to return to the dock early, you will still be charged the full amount.


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